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dental insurance texas toothpaste then go to the dentist to get your treatments there even use fluoride pills dental insurance texas if you want to have fluoride but there’s so many ways to deliver it much more efficiently and much more effectively if you want Florida putting it in .

dental insurance texas

dental insurance texas

The water of the water is not drink so % of the water that has this medication in it goes to water your on to wash your car flush your toilet and then it goes back into the environment unchecked exactly and there’s some studies coming out now that show that anything above .

Parts per million is not good for the environment and I think this is a good time to touch on what’s actually put in water that’s coordinate like in Edmonton in Toronto for instance it’s actually not pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride it’s.

A hydroelectric acid which is a toxic waste product that scrubbed out of the fertilizer industry statistics in the southern states and now most of it actually comes from China and.

That hydroelectric acid is not allowed by strict law to be put into the air put into the ground or into any water like oceans rivers lakes streams my strict law they would have to dispose of an into e disposable plans.

Which would cost the industry about six thousand dollars a ton in disposable because it’s highly toxic and volatile and hard to dispose them instead they’ve convinced us it’s good for our kids teach and.

They put it in our water and get a thousand dollars a ton from the dog to dispose of it in our water we’re buying it from about seven thousand dollars net for time for the classroom so that’s .

A big win for them so it’s hi Flores Alyssa Casa Bella the fertilizer stacks in southern states in China and it also comes along with traces not larger months but traces that by accumulating.

The body of lead and mercury and arsenic and cadmium and strontium and bromium and all sorts of nasty things trace elements but those trace elements can make.

A difference to a lot of people especially if a lot of people who follow my page on kids health revolution are people