Sonic Toothbrush for Strong Teeth

Sonic Toothbrush well so I default to  social so I you know again five thousand practices and I manage a lot of practices on a daily basis I don’t  expect that any anything other than federal employees or Etna patient everything Sonic Toothbrush.

social so I don’t have that as an  issue okay yeah and and again when I run  into it if you like that easy fix go back to social next  yeah exactly okay great for the eligibility.

Sonic Toothbrush

Sonic Toothbrush Is there a certain version  of Ego soft for the eligibility or is at all the versions right now I let’s say all modern versions so everything beyond beyond okay okay and we.

We have one that we have several employers that  offer adult plans and pediatric plans suggestions how we enter those in do soft so again I would have it would Colt.

I mean you wouldn’t have this but imagine Delta PARA child Adar adult that’s the way I would list it to show here now  maybe her question is this because I have a lot of.

Plans now where dad has a plan you know a subscriber plan and then they have a dependent plan so that’s a  little bit more tricky and that set up as little.

Interesting because what you’re going to do is on dad you’re going to give him as primary his his primary plan and you’re gonna set up his  secondary plan as.

His dependent plan and then you set up the kids so their primary plan is that dependent plan under dad it’s a little weird but that’s kind of how you have to set it up okay.

Yeah there’s a whole big discussion on the Facebook group about that too okay yeah for anybody listening if you haven’t heard already need to get involved.

With his Facebook group because he’s written a ton of information to  help offices and there’s other people post an idea or questions all the time and honors been there.