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Dental Insurance Florida clear aligners but still very possible it’s a wonderful opportunity to give a patient a better Dental Insurance Florida¬†occlusion and if we were to estimate this at somewhere between months or aligner count the actual treatment time for .

Dental Insurance Florida

Dental Insurance Florida

Was four months using one micro SD with perforation technique so a case that would take a little year just a touch over a year could be treated by removing two-thirds of that treatment time and saving that patient  of their time gets them down to four months .

This is a four month treatment to correct the anterior cross-bite which is a wonderful savings time for that patient and dr. Shipley so I’ll introduce you to one of our early patients in the micro SD or perforation technique Dena was one of the first ones that.

We treated with the micro osteo perforation technique and clear aligner therapy so she came in with all the credentials of a malocclusion yeah some anterior cross-bite at a young age she already shows the wear and tear on the teeth we have.

All the crear these lines we have the chipping and the wear and the tear that is basically the result of having this poor clusion for a couple of decades and you know for someone who’s in their mid-s they’re having a little more wear and tear than.

We’d like to see on those teeth we’ve got a little cross bite of the front teeth we certainly have our share of recession in that fraction even though they’re mild and at the beginning stages you know these.